Tips on Affordable Wedding Planning

Weddings are meant to be special. However, there are times where planning it all becomes too much, and it turns more stressful than anything else. Our florists at Bells & Bows Florist & Gifts in Martinsburg, WV, are here to help take away some of that stress with tips on affordable wedding planning.

The Simply Lily-White is a beautiful assortment of wedding flowers that will help make the big day even more special. This beautiful assortment of wedding flowers is a base to start your wedding design. Make wedding planning easier with the right flowers to kick off your wedding planning on a budget.

How much do wedding flowers cost? It is a common question asked among many dad’s paying for their little girl’s wedding. Wedding flowers pricing varies according to the type of flowers chosen. A 2014 study shows an average wedding is around 30,000, and the wedding flowers typically cost around 7% or $2,100. The key to spending less is speaking with your florist about options for alternative flowers that will go with your color scheme while remaining in budget.

If you are looking for the best wedding flowers, stop and think about what you love. Those are the best wedding flowers. Weddings are meant to be beautiful and a representation of the couple. It is to no surprise that peonies and roses are among the most popular wedding flowers. Their stunning look make them ideal wedding flowers. They both add that needed elegance, but they can be a little pricey. We are here to help you with designs that work with your budget.

Open your heart and not a hole in your wallet when planning for your wedding day. Your day is meant to celebrate a new life together not to put you both in debt. Our florists at Bells & Bows Florist & Gifts in Martinsburg, WV, are here to help make your wedding planning easier by working with your budget. Finding the right flowers for a wedding is one tip for making affordable wedding planning a breeze.

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